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Fall 2015

DIY Arts Marketing and Social Media

ARTSADMIN 406 Section 001
Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM, 9/23–11/14/2015, 2044 Moore Bldg.
Instructor: Sara Billmann


The Internet presents an array of low- to no-cost tools from email, websites and blogs to Facebook fanpages, Twitter feeds, and online survey tools that individuals can use to share their stories and promote their own career opportunities. Yet such democratization has also fragmented the mass media, in an era where public arts coverage is also dwindling. This course addresses both marketing theory and best practices that will allow enterprising individuals to create a professional virtual toolkit that showcases their strongest assets. Students will learn which self-marketing strategies serve what purpose and how to prioritize the development of various materials and resources, as well as develop a customized plan based on individual goals. Classes will include a look into the backend analytics of the various tools to gain a full understanding of how to assess success. The course will be led by veteran arts marketer Sara Billmann, who has worked with hundreds of different artists of all kinds for the past 19 years as marketing director for UMS. Coursework will include in-class activities and several short papers designed to help students apply their learning to their own professional goals. At course's end, participants will be on their way to developing a promotional tool, polished through peer and professional feedback.

Cultural Entrepreneurship: Your Passion as Your Profession

ARTSADMIN 406 Section 002
Mondays 6:30-8:30 PM, 9/14–11/2/2015, 2044 Moore Bldg.
Instructor: Susan Booth


Cultural entrepreneurship empowers artists and social innovators to amplify their passions through mission-driven, economically sustainable efforts. This course serves as an introduction to the vital topics and essential tools for the aspiring cultural professional and non-profit entrepreneur. Areas of exploration will include: the entrepreneurial mindset, personal visioning, creativity and innovation strategies, business structures (e.g., for-profits vs. non-profits), taxes and financial management, networking, marketing, copyright and legal issues, leadership, social entrepreneurship, teaching artistry, diversity, education and community engagement. Course activities will include reading current research on the cultural sphere, class discussions, short papers, and in-class activities. Participants will write a self-visioning report and complete a related exploratory project that will begin to put their dreams into action.

The Recording Industry: Selling Your Music to the World

ARTSADMIN 406 Section 003
Mondays 6:30-8:30 PM, 9/14–11/2/2015, 2044 Moore Bldg.
Instructor: Jeremy Peters


How do I sell my music on iTunes? Do I need a commercial recording label? Can I release an album on my own? What rules and laws do I need to think about? How hard is it to get an album on Spotify?? Musicians of all stripes face these questions when considering how to release and promote the music they've created in audio or video format. This class will answer these questions (and more), focusing on the real-world application of entrepreneurial, legal, business, and artistic considerations required to promote and sell music digitally today. You'll learn basic music industry standards and the necessary legal considerations that come into play when releasing music online. We'll delve into the process of preparing recordings for release in digital formats, how to decide which service providers are most effective for your goals, and ultimately release your recordings online! You'll also learn about promoting your work and how to track your business efforts. Finally, we'll explore current trends and future directions in the music business. Active engagement and participation is vital to success in this hands-on, experiential class. Come prepared to participate and bring your recordings and videos!

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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower