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Undergraduate Requirements

Undergraduate Audition Schedule and Application Deadline Dates

Pre-screening Requirements

All Dance applicants must upload in the Artistic Profile a set of five video recordings in addition to submitting a U-M application.

The Department of Dance is committed to recruiting a diverse group of individuals. Some applicants may be more balletically or modern-trained than others or may have improvisational and/or choreographic strengths. Through the parameters of the instructional video, we encourage you to showcase yourself in your area of expertise.

Candidates should apply early in the fall of the senior year. Audition dates fill quickly, and applicants who wait until late November to apply may find their options are limited. Please, do not make travel reservations until you receive an email confirming your specific audition date, as we cannot guarantee any date in advance of confirmation.


October 15: to be considered for either the November or December in-person audition. If your complete Common Application and video pre-screening recordings are uploaded and submitted by October 15, you will receive an in-person audition decision no later than November 15. Earlier notices will be sent for those invited for the November audition.

December 1: to be considered for either the January or February in-person audition. You will receive an in-person audition decision by early January.

Performance Requirements, Video

To advance to an in-person audition, submit five short videos following these specifications and as demonstrated in the instructional video.

  • Introduction—Clearly state your full, hometown, the title of your solo, the music title and artist, and who recommended you to our program, if anyone. (upload one 15- to 30-second video)
  • Exercise 1: Ballet—Choose ONE of the ballet combinations (traveling tendu with pirouette, adagio, petit allegro, or grand allegro) as demonstrated in the video. Show ONE side only.(upload video - 1 minute maximum)
  • Exercise 2: Modern—Choose ONE of the traveling combinations as demonstrated in the video. Show ONE side only. (upload video - 1 minute maximum)
  • Exercise 3: Choice—Choose EITHER one additional ballet OR one modern combination as demonstrated in the video. (upload video - 1 minute maximum)
  • Solo—Perform a contemporary solo; do NOT perform a ballet or pointe work solo. (upload ONE 1-minute video)

Written Requirements

  • Resumé—With your videos, upload a copy of your one-page résumé, which includes training and experience you have had in dance, music or theatre.
  • Photograph—Upload a recent photograph of yourself, headshot preferred.

Video Preparation Suggestions

  • Wear appropriate dance attire that will show clean lines: leotard and tights or unitard (for both male/female applicants)
  • Your entire body should be in view at all times. Refrain from close-ups.
  • Music may be live, recorded, or exercises may be executed in silence.
  • You must be barefoot for your solo; you may wear ballet slippers or socks for the ballet portion of your video

The faculty understands that making an audition video adds an extra challenge to the application process. Please know that you will not be evaluated on the quality of the video recording itself. The goal is simple, clean articulation of your movement so that your work can be seen and evaluated by the faculty.

  • Your TOTAL video time should be no more than four minutes.
  • When uploading video recordings, separate, labeled tracks are preferred and will upload faster.
  • Do not submit a multi-camera, highly technical studio video.
  • Each exercise should be performed without editing of any kind. Applicants with edited video will be disqualified.

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In-Person Audition Requirements

All in-person auditions are by invitation only and take place in Ann Arbor.

All Dance applicants must submit the set of five video recordings described above. Following review of these and all other application materials, successful candidates will be invited to attend an in-person audition/interview in Ann Arbor. The on-site audition will include the following requirements:

  • Prepare a two-minute solo in a contemporary dance idiom. The solo should be appropriately titled and the accompaniment clearly acknowledged. Please avoid classical repertory and pointe work.
  • Participate in ballet and modern technique classes as well as an improvisation session.

Each audition day begins with an introduction to the Department and a tour of our facility. Parents are encouraged to attend these sessions but may not observe the audition.

General undergraduate audition and interview information

Dancing Americas Power Concert 2011, Beck

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