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Guest Artists


The Department of Dance is privileged to have the following guests teach our students, give presentations and/or collaborate on creative projects.

Guest Artist Jin Ni headshot

Jin Ni is an Instructor of Dance at the Jilin College of the Arts in China. She is joining the department this semester as a visiting scholar and dance artist, staying through all of the 2016 year, as Jin Ni conducts research into methodologies for choreographic innovation in Chinese folk and ethnic dance styles. She received a Hughes Fellowship from the U-M Center for Chinese Studies to support her research here at U-M. Jin Ni is a highly accomplished dance performer, choreographer, and teacher with many years of teaching experience at the university level. She has won numerous prestigious, national-level awards in China. Her presence in U-M’s Department of Dance will help to expand opportunities for international engagement for students and faculty in SMTD and the University at large.


Modern Masters Series

The following guests taught at U-M as part of Professor Bill DeYoung's Modern Masters Series. These weekly Master Classes conclude with each of the guests artists speaking about their professional dance experiences.

Anita Gonzalez/Rituals

Tzveta Kassabova

Linda Goodrich

Amrita Lahiri

Liz Riga

Ricki Mason

Danny Reid

Malcom Tulip

Alex Springer & Xan Burley

Beth Graczyk

Cat Coury & Mario Bermudez Gil



Mario Vircha

Camille A. Brown

Rodney Brown

Xan Burley

Ron De Jesus

Anita Gonzalez

Jennifer Harge

Peter Kalivas

Elliott Maltby

Trina Mannino

Jennifer Monson

Mayte Natalio

Jin Ni

Bosmat Nossan

Edwin Olivera

Alessio Silvestrin

Alex Springer

Leyya Tawill


Richard Alston

Aimee Anderson

Rodney Brown

Peter Carpenter

Ron De Jesus (former Twyla Tharp dancer)

Penny Godboldo

Kelly Hirina (Emio Greco Dance, Amsterdam)

Sarah Konner (Shen Wei)

Kitten LaRue

Megan Nicely

Erika Pujic

Nadja Raszewski (Tangente Dance, Berlin)

Colin Raybin (Cunningham)

Francesca Romo (Gallim)

Peter Schmitz

Post Natyam Ensemble (Cynthia Ling Lee & Shyamala Moorty)

Austin Selden (Shen Wei)

Rosanna Tavarez

Anne Marie Whitehead


Suzanne Costello

Thomas DeFrantz

Carolyn Dorfman

DD Dorvillier

Brian Evans

Penny Godboldo

Kevin Guy

Jasmine Johnson

Joori Jung

Gina Kohler

Alde Lewis

Andrea Miller

Jennifer Monson

James Morrow

Rosanna Tavarez


Arthur Aviles (Bill T. Jones)

Germaul Barnes

Alexandra Bellar

Harmony Bench

Rodney Brown

Kitty Daniels

Ron De Jesus (former Twyla Tharp dancer)

Tony Frazier

Grupo Krapp Dance Company

Jillian Hopper

Christopher Huggins (former Ailey soloist)

Angela Jamison

Bill T. Jones

Wanjiru Kamuyu

Janet Lilly

Tom Mossbrucker (Aspen Santa Fe Ballet)

Michael Phillips (Rioult)

Crystal Pite (Kidd Pivot)

Leyya Tawil


Adesola Akinleye

Monica Bill Barnes

Rodger Belman

Julie Blume

Jessica Bonenfant

Maggie Boogaart

Ty Boomershine

Rodney Brown

Xan Burley

Lucinda Childs

Carolyn Dorfman

Katie Dorn

Sergio Diaz Gomez, Ballet Preljocaj

Holly Hobbs

Corinne Imberski

Petra Kuppers

Peter Schmitz

Tansuree Shankar

Alex Springer

Julie Tice


Angela Ahlgren

Ruth Andrien

Sidra Bell

Rodger Belman (former Laura Dean dancer)

Christal Brown

Beth Corning

Lily Cox-Richard

Eileen Cropley

Jean Freebury (Cunningham)

Alan Good

Rodger Matthew Grant

Daniel Gwirtzman

Wanjiru Kamuyu

Dianne McIntyre

Jennifer Monson

Luis Piedra

Rob Swinton

Branislav Tomich

Dan Wagoner

F.X. (Yanto) Widaryanto



Michael Parmelee and Maeve McEwen dancing Brisk Singing by Richard Alston
Brisk Singing by Richard Alston

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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower