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Conducting Auditions & Interviews

Rackham Graduate Requirements and Dates

DMA in Conducting

Pre-Screening Requirements

All applicants to the DMA in Conducting programs must submit an official application, transcripts, recommendations, and other materials as instructed below.

International applicants whose language is not English must submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score or the Michigan English Language Battery (MELAB) score.

The following portfolio items are required to be uploaded to your Artistic Profile:

  • A resumé providing complete information concerning the musical training and experience of the applicant. Include any information that may be of help to the admissions committee but which is not included elsewhere on the Rackham application.
  • A repertoire list detailing the works that the applicant has studied, is prepared to conduct, and/or has previously conducted. Works previously conducted should include the date and location of the performance and the name of the ensemble.
  • A written analysis of a movement from a major tonal work on the applicant's repertoire list. This analysis, which should be technical in nature, should emphasize the form of the work and its detailed internal structure, the thematic and harmonic relationships present, and, when appropriate, the instrumentation and its significance. The implications of the musical content of the work and historical information should be included. A piano reduction is acceptable. Musical examples and charts are encouraged. References to the music should normally include measure numbers. The paper should demonstrate the connection between technical analysis and its implications for performance.
  • A face-to-the-camera, high-quality video recording of the applicant conducting in rehearsal and interacting with an ensemble he or she regularly conducts, and a performance must be uploaded using the link below. For those applicants who have difficulty meeting this request, it is acceptable to use a smaller ensemble (such as a string quartet and piano, for example, rather than a full orchestra) playing a reduced version of a composition. The musical portion of the video should be at least ten minutes in length and include literature of the applicant's choice. The examples may be incomplete, and a variety of different styles is welcomed. The video should also include separate tracks showing the applicant responding verbally to the following:

    1. Speak briefly about yourself and your musical background
    2. Describe your goals in pursuing doctoral studies in conducting.

All application materials must be received by the December 1 application deadline.

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Audition & Interview Requirements

A limited number of applicants will be invited to audition & interview in Ann Arbor. The auditions will consist of the following components:

  • A conducting audition in which the applicant will be invited to conduct works he or she has prepared in consultation with the program director.
  • An interview with the program director and any other persons designated.
  • A demonstration of well-developed aural skills, which may include the ability to recognize discrepancies between the printed score and the actual sound, and the ability to sing individual parts from a full score.
  • An evaluation of musicianship skills compatible with the student's specialization.
  • A demonstration of the ability to communicate effectively with a group of performers.


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