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Technology at SMTD

The School of Music, Theatre & Dance is deeply committed to providing the best possible learning experience. Many students find that a computer equipped with appropriate software and accompanying music peripherals helps them make the most of their time at the University of Michigan. Students use technology to write papers, conduct literature searches, notate music theory assignments, compose and record music, and to keep in touch with family and friends.

Purchasing computers and other equipment

School of Music, Theatre & Dance students are not required to have their own computers. Students may use any of the many computers located in the residence halls and computer labs throughout campus. In the Moore Building, students have access to notation software and MIDI keyboards, as well as specialized facilities for audio production in the Duderstadt Center.

Students in Performing Arts Technology generally prefer to use their own computers for convenience in completing required coursework. Most Performing Arts Technology students elect a current Apple MacBook Pro. First year students in Performing Arts Technology use Apple Logic Pro, Cycling '74 Max, and Ableton Live.

Most School of Music, Theatre & Dance students who study music privately will find it helpful to use their own recording devices to record private lessons. Recording devices may be purchased from the Showcase beginning in August. Music notation software and MIDI controllers are also available through the U-M Showcase.

Information on how to pay for computers or other equipment is available form the U-M Showcase or the Office of Financial Aid.

Borrowing equipment

The School of Music, Theatre & Dance provides a selection of audio and video peripherals available for check-out. These items include microphones, mini-disc recorders, keyboard amplifiers and cameras. For a complete list of equipment, sign on to the SMTD Scheduling System.


All students have access to the audio and video production studios located at the Duderstatdt Center. Performing Arts Technology students have access to the Music Technology Lab.



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