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Application for Private Instruction (Studio) in Music Performance

Guidelines, Notification, and Registration Information

The application for Winter 2018 term lessons is now open. This form will stop collecting responses on December 31, 2017 at 8:30 am.

Studio assignments are generally expected in the first week of term.

Applications are required for each term in which you are requesting private instruction, unless noted below.

DO apply if you are:

  • A Non-SMTD (LSA, Engineering, Business, e.g.) student requesting private instruction in any instrument or voice.
  • A Non-candidate for degree (NCFD) student
  • A Dance or Theatre student requesting private instruction in any instrument or voice.
  • A Music Performance major or principal requesting instruction in a secondary performance area for which you have not auditioned.

New or continuing Music Performance majors or principals, new transfer students and Musical Theatre students electing voice lessons should not apply.

NON-SMTD STUDENTS: There will be a $250.00 course fee attached to Music Performance 150 & 500 courses. Sorry, no exceptions.

NON-SMTD undergraduate students, regardless of level, will be assigned to the 150 course in the chosen instrument.  (150 denotes Non-SMTD student; it is not an indicator of proficiency.)  150 is the only option open to Non-SMTD undergrads; it is a 30-MINUTE LESSON AT 2 CREDITS PER TERM. Graduate students: will be asigned to the 500 course number in the chosen instrument.

USE THE “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” BOXES TO INCLUDE RELEVANT INFORMATION.  Department faculty do read and assess these applications, so please add anything you feel is important. (But please be succinct.)


If you have been accepted for lessons, you will receive an override notice to your email account.  This does NOT automatically place you in the studio. You must REGISTER for your studio on Wolverine Access. After you register, contact your instructor to confirm and arrange your lesson time.

PLEASE NOTE THAT NOT ALL APPLICANTS CAN BE PLACED.  Available teacher-hours are limited, and priority is given to School of Music performance majors.  If you do not receive a studio override by the 2nd week of the term, you can assume the department was unable to accommodate you this time around.  You may apply again before the start of next term.

If you have questions, please contact:
Marty Snyder
Office of Academic Affairs
Moore Bldg. Room 2277


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