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Recital Information


Download a copy of the Recital Guide (PDF)

General Information

Recital Types & Eligibility

Degree Recitals: Undergraduate students may present a maximum of one degree recital per academic year. Master and Specialist students may present a maximum of one degree recital per semester. DMA and Collaborative Piano MM students may present up to two degree recitals per semester. Exceptions may be made for students pursuing two different SMTD degrees.

Recitals that qualify as a "Degree Recital" are:

  • Final Senior Recital
  • Final Masters Recital
  • Masters Chamber Music Recital (chamber music degree MUST be declared)
  • Final Specialist Recital
  • Required Pre-Candidate Recitals
  • Dissertation Recitals
  • Dissertation Lecture Recitals

Non-Degree Recitals: are booked only as space is available. A maximum of one non-degree recital may be booked per student per academic year.

Recitals that qualify as a "Non-Degree Recital" are:

  • Freshman Recitals
  • Sophomore Recitals
  • Junior Recitals
  • First-Year Masters Recitals
  • Undeclared Master Chamber Music Recitals
  • First-Year Specialist Recitals
  • Non-Required Pre-Candidate Recitals

SMTD Venue Availability

  Non-Degree Senior Master Specialist DMA
Stamps No No Yes Yes Yes
Britton No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cady Room Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
McIntosh Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Watkins Lecture Hall, Hankinson Rehearsal Hall, and Kevreson Rehearsal Hall are available on an as needed basis. Please contact the Scheduling Office for more information.

Please note policies and restrictions for the following venues:

Hankinson Rehearsal Hall: Hankinson required a minimum of one hour prior to performance time for set-up. The entire recital reservation must be a minimum of three hours long. Recitals are not to begin later than 8:00 pm. Non-degree recitals requesting Hankinson Rehearsal Hall are subject to a $100 fee. If a recital is cancelled less than seven days prior to the performance, this fee is forfeited.

Stamps and Cady Room: No school owned classical percussion, harpsichord, portative organ, or harp are to be used in these spaces. Personally owned instruments may be used if transported and removed within set-up and tear-down times. Not ideal for orchestral use.

Britton Recital Hall and Watkins Lecture Hall: No school owned percussion except by special permission from Percussion department. Not ideal for orchestral use. Must contact SMTD IT if intending to use technology (projection, audio equipment, etc) for orientation with equipment.

Standard Recital Times & Lengths

Students reserving an SMTD venue must select an approved recital time as listed below. Please consider this chart carefully when planning your recital Students giving a 90 minute recital should select one of the starred times. Start times vary based on venue and day of week. Start times may not be altered.

  Stamps Britton MAC Cady
Monday 8:00 PM* 7:30 PM* 8:00 PM* NA
Tuesday 8:00 PM* 7:30 PM* 8:00 PM* NA
Wednesday 8:00 PM* 7:30 PM* 8:00 PM* NA

5:30 PM

8:00 PM*

7:30 PM* 8:00 PM* NA

5:30 PM

8:00 PM*

7:30 PM* 8:00 PM* 8:00 PM*

12:30 PM

3:00 PM

5:30 PM

8:00 PM*

3:00 PM

5:30 PM

8:00 PM*

12:00 PM

2:30 PM

5:00 PM

7:30 PM*

2:00 PM

5:00 PM*

8:00 PM*


2:00 PM

5:00 PM*

8:00 PM*

2:00 PM

4:30 PM

7:00 PM*

12:00 PM

2:30 PM

5:00 PM

7:30 PM*

2:00 PM

5:00 PM*

8:00 PM*


Reservation: You will have the hall for one hour prior to your recital start time for set-up. You will have a half-hour after the end of your recital to vacate the hall. Please refer to the Student Recital Guide for detailed times.

Recitals are not to exceed 60 minutes of music, including encore, with the exception of the recital times indicated by *. Students required to present a 60-90 minute recital should elect an above recital time indicated by *

Dress Rehearsals: One dress rehearsal in the performance hall may be scheduled per recital. Dress rehearsals are two hours long and are inclusive of set-up/tear-down needs. Available rehearsal times are listed on the SMTD Scheduling System (U-M login required). If you do not schedule a dress rehearsal at the time you book your recital, please email with the available dress rehearsal slot you'd like to claim.

Restricted Days: Study days, exam days and University observed holiday breaks are not available for recital scheduling. This includes:

  • Thanksgiving: November 22, 2018
  • Fall Term Study & Exam Days: December 13-21, 2017
  • Holiday Season Days: December 24, 2017 - January 1, 2018
  • Winter Term Study & Exam Days: April 18 - 26, 2018

Off-Site Recitals: Students may elect to present a recital at a non-SMTD venue. Recital booking and start times are handled on your own in collaboration with the venue. A list of non-SMTD locations frequently used for recitals is available online.

Cancellation Policy: Students are allowed to reschedule their recital as needed until the add/drop deadline (Fall 2017: September 25, 2017 / Winter 2018: TBD). After this point, any student cancelling a recital will not be allowed to reschedule in any SMTD venue performance space for the remainder of the semester. Exceptions may be made for injury/illness (doctor's note required) or family emergencies.

Recitals scheduled after the add/drop deadline may be cancelled or rescheduled within three weeks of the request date. After this point, any student cancelling a recital will not be allowed to reschedule in any SMTD venue performance space for the remainder of the semester. Exceptions may be made for injury/illness (doctor's note required) or family emergencies.

To cancel your recital after the deadline, please complete a Recital Cancellation Form or email the Scheduling Office for an electronic copy.

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Booking Your Recital

When to Book Your Events

Degree Recitals:

  • Fall Term recitals beginning August 1 (or first Monday) at 8:00 AM
  • Winter Term recitals beginning November 1 (or first Monday) at 8:00 AM

Non-Degree Recitals: may be booked a maximum of six weeks in advance.

DO NOT submit multiple requests for the same recital. ALL iterations of multiple requests will be denied.

How to Book Your Recital

All student recitals are booked online through the SMTD Scheduling System. (U-M login required).

  1. Check with your professor and collaborators to determine potential dates and conflicts to avoid.
  2. Log in to the scheduling system
  3. Click on the Available Recital Slots tab
  4. Select your recital type and student level from the drop-down list and click Apply
  5. Browse available recital slots and click "Reserve This" when you are ready to choose one. Note: this will claim the slot immediately so do not click unless you are ready to select that date!
    1. The next window will show available dress rehearsal times up to two weeks in advance of your requested recital date. Again, select your dress rehearsal time by clicking "Reserve This" under the desired slot.
  6. Wait for your recital confirmation form to arrive. This will come via your email as a SignNow document. Please check your Spam folder if it does not arrive in your Inbox.
  7. Complete the requested items on the confirmation form and click "Done" when finished. The form is automatically forwarded to your studio professor for their approval.

Your reservation is not confirmed until your studio professor approves your recital date. Unconfirmed recitals which remain pending for more than one week may be canceled and you will have to begin the reservation process from the beginning.

Please note that the times listed on the scheduling site are the Recital Slots, not your recital start and end times! See Standard Recital Times & Lengths.

Please make note of your selected date and time in your calendar.

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Programs & Publicity

ALL degree recitals must have an official SMTD program for your student file. Program information is due TWO WEEKS before your recital.

If your program information is not turned in on time, you will have to create your own program to hand out at your recital. Late program information can be submitted after your recital for your official program.

How to Enter your Program Information

  1. Login to the SMTD Scheduling System
  2. Click the My Requests/Reservations tab
  3. Click your confirmed recital event
  4. Click the Enter Information link in the Program Information box
  5. Enter your information on the following pages. Click "Finish" when you are ready to submit
  6. Once completed, you will receive an automated e-mail confirming your submission and detailing the next steps.

Official student programs do not include thank-you notes, tributes, program notes, or text and translations.

Editing, Printing and Publicity

After your information has been submitted, you will receive an e-mail notification that your program is ready for editing. Proofs may be picked up outside room 2309 Moore. Corrections must be legible and made directly on the program proof in RED ink. Return the proof no later than seven days before your recital with both your signature and your professor's signature.

All students receive 50 copies of their program. If you would like additional copies, you may request a PDF copy of your program. You will NOT be notified when programs arrive. Programs typically arrive 2-3 business days after your proof is returned, and may be picked up outside room 2309 Moore. Please sign the log when you pick up your programs.

Student recitals will be publicized on the website after your proof is returned. A copy of your program will also be posted in the glass display cases.

Students will receive instructions on how to upload an image for publicity after the student's program information has been added.

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Other Information


Piano keys are available for check out in room 2309 Moore. It is the student's responsibility to check out all necessary keys for their dress rehearsal & recital.

Keys are also required to access Watkins Lecture Hall, the Stearns Cady Room, and Blanche Anderson Moore Hall regardless of whether the piano is used or not.

Piano keys are available for check out on weekdays from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Plan accordingly for weekend and evening needs.

Keys will not be shared or piano left unlocked for any reason. Lock and cover piano following use. Proper care of pianos and school facilities should be exercised at all times. Piano covers must be rolled up and placed on a chair or desk (off of the floor) to keep them free of dust or dirt. All keys must be returned within 2 weeks (14 days) of the event date. Failure to follow any these terms will result in a charge of $30 to the student's account.

Return your keys on the next business day following your recital.


Accompanists: The accompanist application is completed online here.

Recital Hearings: Recital hearings are scheduled through your department. Unless directed otherwise, you do not need to reserve a space for this. If you are required to perform a recital hearing, do not return your signed program proof until after your panel has approved your recital.

Recording your Recital: The School of Music, Theatre & Dance does not record student recitals or endorse any private recording technicians. You are allowed to hire someone to make audio and/or visual recordings of your recital. Recording equipment is available for checkout.

Receptions: There is usually one table set up in or around the other SMTD performance venues. After your recital, you must clean up, return the reception table to where you found it, and empty all trash cans. Extra liners are available in the bottom of every trash can.

Please note that alcoholic beverages are prohibited on University grounds.

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Special Equipment

If you require any of the following special equipment for your recital, you must notify the appropriate SMTD faculty or staff no later than four weeks prior to your event.

Please note that certain special equipment may not be available in all recital spaces.

Paul Feeny: Ensembles Manager. Room 1314 Moore.

  • Extra music stands (more than 10)
  • Extra chairs (more than 10)
  • Conducting podium (Britton & Rehearsal Hall only)

Roger Arnett: Recording Engineer. Room 1260 Moore.

  • Projector & Screen
  • Audio Equipment
  • "R2D2" (Britton & Rehearsal Hall only)

Professor Robert Grijalva: Piano Technology. Room 1245 Moore.

  • Two pianos (Britton only)
  • Prepared piano

Professor Joseph Gascho: Harpsichord.

Students who wish to use a harpsichord must also complete the online request form.

Jonathan Smith: Classical Percussion Coordinator.

Professor Michael Gould: Jazz Drums.

Harpsichords and certain percussion equipment cannot be moved to Stamps Auditorium, Britton Recital Hall, or the Cady Room. Contact the appropriate professor before you set your program.

Please be specific when requesting equipment, and note the date, time and location of your recital in your request.

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Contact Information

Scheduling: Erin Burris

Moore Building, Room 2258

Desk: 734-936-2214

Programs & Piano Keys: Tom Erickson

Moore Building, Room 2309

Desk: 734-764-8623

Facilities: Mary Alice Wiland (trash, tables, heat & cooling, water leaks)

Moore Building, Room 2309

Desk: 734-764-6524

Emergency: 734-604-6536

Accompanists: Lydia Qiu

Desk: 734-615-3729

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