SMTD Ensembles Office

Within the Ensembles Office, we believe that the ultimate success of a performance is dependent on the clear division of responsibilities between artists and producers. Although these aspects often overlap, artistry is given the greatest opportunity to flourish when supported by comprehensive and structured operations. It is our goal to create the most professional environment possible for each rehearsal, performance and event presented by the SMTD Large and Chamber Ensembles.

Please check back for further information. Excerpts Lists and PDFs will be posted on Friday, June 22, 2018.

String Auditions
Single Audition for University Symphony Orchestra | University Philharmonia Orchestra

Wind, Brass, Percussion, Harp Auditions
Single Audition for University Symphony Orchestra | University Philharmonia Orchestra | Symphony Band | Concert Band

Voice Auditions
Single Audition for Chamber Choir | University Choir | Orpheus Singers | Baroque Chamber Orchestra

Jazz Auditions
Single Audition for Jazz Ensemble | Jazz Lab Ensemble | Chamber Jazz

Non-Major Auditions
Campus Symphony Orchestra | Campus Philharmonia Orchestra | University Band | Campus Band | Campus Jazz Band

Ensembles Office | Room 1314, Earl. V. Moore Building
(hours may vary with performance schedules)

Ensembles Library | Room 1315, Earl V. Moore Building

Ensembles Library

SMTD Master Performance & Event Schedule
Please note that this document is for reference only and is regularly updated with additional events and information.

Venue Information

SMTD Inventory
Please note that the locked Ensembles Stands are available solely for Large Ensemble curricular rehearsals and performances. Keys are held solely by SMTD Staff and are unavailable for faculty or student use.

Stand Lights

SMTD Mini Van

The Ensembles Office is the largest employer of student staff and the SMTD. With a core of nearly 50 student staff, we employ students with and without Work-Study Awards. Hiring and orientation information will be posted as available, but we accept applications through the year. Please complete the form linked below to apply for any of the positions listed.

Student Staff Application

Daily Operations

  • Orchestra Personnel Manager
  • Choir Personnel Manager
  • Ensemble Manager
  • Equipment Assistant
  • Library Assistant

Performance Operations

  • Large Ensemble Stage Crew
  • Large Ensemble Stage Manager
  • Chamber Ensemble Stage Manager
  • Chamber Ensemble Front-of-House
  • Chamber Ensemble Live-Streaming


  • Daily Operations Internship
  • Performance Librarian Internship

These positions require a separate application. For more information, please contact Paul Feeny.

Paul Feeny, Assistant Director of Ensembles Operations

Anna Darnell, Ensembles Production Manager

Alizabeth Nowland, Performance Librarian