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Symphony Band in Hill Auditorium

The University of Michigan Symphony Band is widely considered a leader of the modern American wind band movement, with a reputation as one of the most outstanding groups of its kind. This tradition of excellence started in 1927, when Leonard Falcone was hired as Director of Bands and began to expand the scope of the band program beyond the athletic field and parade ground.

美国密西根大学管乐团享有现代美国管乐运动领袖的美誉,是该类乐团中的佼佼者。她的优异传统始于1927年,当雷奥纳多∙法尔空尼(Leonard Falcone)应聘为乐团总监时,开始了积极的创新和突破,超越了管乐团曲目通常受运动场和游行阅兵演奏的局限。

In 1935, William D. Revelli—a name that continues to resonate with band lovers—was hired, fresh from a string of national championships from the Hobart (Indiana) High School band. The “Chief” introduced rigorous standards of performance excellence and a level of musicianship never before witnessed in this uniquely American form.

1935年,威廉∙D∙拉维力 (William D. Revelli) -- 一个至今仍令管乐迷心潮澎湃的名字—在领导印第安纳州的霍巴德高中管乐队取得一串全国冠军奖后,被聘为密西根大学管乐团总监。 被尊称为“首领”的拉维力在领导乐团走向世界的过程中启用了严格的标准,使得这个独一无二的美国演奏形式,第一次展示了一流的演奏和表演的水准

Revelli began to build a modern repertory through commissions expressly for symphony band. And he began the touring tradition at the University of Michigan. A watershed moment was the 1961 State Department-sponsored tour of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. The reception of the Symphony Band was nothing short of ecstatic, with audiences demanding encores for up to an hour after the conclusion of some programs. At the end of the fifteen-week tour, reviews lauded the students as exemplary in their discipline and comportment and remarked on the versatility and purity of their sound. Throughout the years, the touring tradition has continued, with appearances at venues as renowned as La Scala in Milan and Carnegie Hall in New York City.


When H. Robert Reynolds took over as Director of Bands in 1975, the composition program at Michigan was growing up around him. Reynolds embraced the opportunity to create new repertoire and to build a fruitful relationship between the band and the composition program, one of the finest of its kind in the nation.

1975年,H∙罗伯特∙雷诺兹( H. Robert Reynolds)担任乐团总监。那时,密西根大学的作曲专业逐渐壮大。雷诺兹抓住机会,演奏创建新的曲目,使得密西根大学管乐团的演奏和音乐学院的作曲专业之间紧密结合,成果累累,领全国风气之先。

Michael Haithcock, Director of Bands since joining the faculty in 2001, has respected that tradition and built upon it. Under his baton, the Symphony Band has won praise from a wide range of audiences, composers, and critics. Reviewers of recordings on the Equilibrium label have hailed the Symphony Band’s “organ-like sound quality, breathtaking precision, and detailed, polished, and expressive phrasing.” Symphony Band recordings are available on iTunes.

麦克∙西思科克(Michael Haithcock)于2001年受聘于密西根大学,并成为密西根大学管乐团音乐总监。他对乐团的传统份外重视,并在其原有的基础上推陈出新。在西斯科克教授的领导下,管乐团受到观众、作曲家和乐评人的广泛好评。对于Equilibrium Label录制的乐团演奏,乐评盛赞管乐团具有“管风琴一般的乐质,夺人心魄的精确,细致、完美、呈现了富有表现力、感染力的乐章。”热心的听众都可以在iTunes找到密西根大学管乐团的演奏录音。

The University of Michigan Symphony Band stands today without peer; each of its directors has added his unique imprint and vision to the collective whole. Professional levels of performance combined with the highest standards in repertoire are its hallmarks.


The Symphony Band will continue its touring tradition in May 2011 when it embarks on a three-week tour of mainland China, with performances in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xi’an, Shenyang, Tianhin and Beijing. The tour will culminate in Los Angeles California where the Symphony Band will be presented by the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.



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