Michael Haithcock, conductor

Michael Haithcock assumed his duties as Director of Bands and Professor of Music (conducting) at the University of Michigan in the fall of 2001, after twenty-three years on the faculty of Baylor University in Texas. Following in the footsteps of William D. Revelli and H. Robert Reynolds, Professor Haithcock conducts the internationally renowned University of Michigan Symphony Band; guides the acclaimed graduate band and wind ensemble conducting program; and provides administrative leadership for all aspects of the University of Michigan’s diverse and historic bands program. Beyond the University of Michigan, Haithcock is in demand as a guest conductor and expert for symposiums and workshops in a variety of instructional settings, including festivals and all-state assemblies around the country.


Ensembles under Haithcock’s guidance have drawn critical acclaim for their high artistic standards of performance and repertoire. Concerts at national and state conventions, performances in major concert venues, and the Symphony Band’s many recordings have garnered wide praise. Haithcock has taken the lead in commissioning and premiering new works for concert band, earning plaudits from both composers and conductors for his innovative approaches to wind ensemble repertoire and programming.


An accomplished conductor, Professor Haithcock is also known for his teaching style and dedication to students.  "He has now placed his individual stamp on the program," said Dean Emeritus Paul Boylan.  "Like [former band conductor] H. Robert Reynolds, his teaching and conducting style is something to behold.  He manages to bring out the very best in his student performers, without intimidation."  Students also express high praise for Haithcock's artistry and methods.  Says senior clarinet major senior Lewis Gilmore, "As a student, I want most of all to be inspired by the musicians around me. And there is no one more motivating or encouraging than Michael Haithcock."

身为一位成绩卓越的指挥家,西斯科克教授同时也以他科学的教学方式和对学生的奉献精神而闻名。正如密西根大学音乐学院的前院长保罗泊以兰指出的:”麦克西斯科克教授已经将他鲜明的个人印记烙在了密西根的管乐团和管乐指挥专业里。他的指挥与教学风格都是可圈可点。每当他跟学生合作时,他都有能力将学生的最优秀的一面带出来。“ 密西根大学的学生们也纷纷表达对西斯科克教授的艺术造诣和严密教学的敬意。单簧管学生路易斯吉尔默儿说:“做为一个学生,我最渴望的是被我周围的前辈音乐家们所感染,而我发现西斯科克教授是最具创意和热情的一位前辈。我在他身上所学到的东西会让我终身收益的。”


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