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U-M Leads Effort to Integrate Art-Making Into U.S. Research Universities; New Report Published


Nearly a year after an unprecedented gathering of faculty and administrative leaders from 43 U.S. research universities known as the Michigan Meeting, “The Role of Art-Making and the Arts in the Research University,” many return this week to the University of Michigan to sharpen a plan to further integrate arts practice into higher education curriculum and campus life.  The follow-up to the Michigan Meeting held March 7-9, hosted by U-M’s ArtsEngine, has as its goal a three-year plan that casts arts practice as fundamental in cultivating innovative thinking at the country’s research universities.

Since initially assembling in May, 40 participants from more than 30 Research I universities have participated in strategic task forces drafting preliminary findings on research, how to integrate arts practice into curricula and co-curricular programs, and how to promote arts practice in the research university as a catalyst for a renaissance in creative thinking.

The preliminary findings are assembled in a comprehensive report made public this week. A result of intensive task force work over the last year, the report significantly advances the national dialogue about the ways in which arts practice can (and in many cases, already does) accelerate discovery and creative work across all disciplines in the research university. All of the task forces stress the university’s “unique responsibility as a cultural leader and shaper.”         Read full story...

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