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U-M UpstART Festival Begins


The University of Michigan kicks off the first annual UpstART Festival, which runs from March 31 - April 3, 2014, to celebrate the arts at Michigan. The UpstART Festival, sponsored by the U-M Arts Consortium, celebrates all forms of artistic expression and features arts-related activities on the U-M campus including music, visual arts, dance, poetry, theatre, and film.

Over the four-day festival, SMTD students, faculty, and alumni will be an integral part of the festivities. Students will be featured speakers and will showcase their work, culminating with a free student show at the Power Center on April 3 at 7:30 PM. Distinguished SMTD alumni and faculty will address audiences in "MTalks," on a variety of topics, at the Mendelssohn Theatre.

 SMTD student, faculty and alumni presenters include:

 SMTD alumni speakers:

  • Alex Kip (musical theatre): "The Community in Art"
  • Sam Lips (musical theatre): "Theatre is My Job"
  • Dominique Morisseau (theatre & drama): "Arts, Activism, and Becoming Fearless"
  • Deb Mexicotte (theatre & drama): "Engaging in the Arts at U-M: What Every Student Needs to Know (and What We Need to Know About Our Students)!"

SMTD faculty speakers:

  • Lester Monts (musicology)Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Senior Counselor to the President for the Arts, Diversity and Undergraduate Affairs, and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Music
  • Jessica Fogel (dance), "Sensing the Spirit of Place: Creating Site Dances"
  • Anita Gonzalez (theatre & drama), "Global Theatre, Diversity and International Collaborations"
  • Annette Masson (theatre & drama): "The Art of Talking: What Do Presenters and Performers Need to Know to Achieve Clear and Articulate Dialogue When it is Fast Disappearing From Our Culture"
  • Sile O'Modhrain (performing art technology): "Feeling is Believing: Perception, Action and Interaction Design"
  • Ed Sarath (jazz & contemporary improvisation): "Improvisation, Creativity, and Consciousness"

SMTD student speakers and performers

  • Adrian Slywotzky (conducting): “Where Music and Medicine Meet”
  • Brian Garcia (interarts performance)
  • Melissa Golliday (theatre & drama)
  • Jonathan Hulting-Cohen (saxophone), Christopher Haddlesey (music) & Henry Nettleton (musical theatre): "Connecting the Campus Through the Arts."
  • Henry Nettleton (musical theatre)
  • Charlie Reischl (double bass): "The Importance and Endurance of Gathering in Ann Arbor"
  • Garrett Schumann (composition): "Composers Are People Too: Exploring the Connection Between Social Activity and Music"
  • Rheme Sloan (voice)



For a full list of UpstART events, times and locations, please visit  


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