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Piano Pedagogy partners with "The Achievement Program"


Earlier this year, SMTD’s Piano Pedagogy Laboratory Program (PPLP), which provides teacher training for MM and DMA students and piano lessons to pre-college age students, became a key partner of The Achievement Program (TAP). Launched in 2011 by New York’s Carnegie Hall and Canada’s Royal Conservatory, TAP provides a national standard for musical achievement through a top-quality, nationally recognized system that tracks students’ musical progress. In becoming TAP’s first “Founding School,” U-M’s PPLP is an early adopter of this well-sequenced and rigorous curriculum of study. According to Kelley Benson, who has coordinated PPLP since 1985 and is now a regional leader for TAP, the program has raised the level of the pre-college students as well as their teachers. “It gives the MM and DMA candidates a really solid curriculum to follow, not just in piano repertoire but in technical elements, ear-training, sight-reading, theory, and musicology. It’s all interrelated in a really cohesive way within each level.” Currently, about 80 percent of the pre-college students participate in performance assessments and about half of those also take the academic assessments in music theory. “The program,” said Benson,  “allows students of all ages and skill levels to learn music well, in very logically sequenced, achievable steps.” 

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