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Arthur Miller Theatre Specifications at a Glance


Mailing Address:
University Productions
911 N. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1265

Venue Address:
1226 Murfin Ave

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1212


Seating Capacity:
End stage configuration:

Main Floor

6 Wheelchair

240 Available


2 Wheelchair

42 Available

Total End Stage Seating:  290

3/4 Thurst Configuration

Main Floor

4 Wheelchair

179 Available


2 Wheelchair

42 Available

Total Thrust Seating:  227

Stage Specifications:

End stage proscenium (as created by house drapery): 38’ wide x 21’ high
Stage lip to back wall: 22’ 2”
Maximum Stage Thrust (thrust size can be varied): 24’W x 24’D
Maximum out trim of system pipes: 33’ 5”


Single purchase counterweight
21 line sets
Batten length: 42’
Arbor capacity: 7’ high, 1,287 lbs. ea.

House Drapery Hang:

House Curtain – traveler, two panels 25’w x 22’6”
Four pair legs, black, 10’w x 22’h
Two travelers, black, 14’6”w x 25’h
One border, black, 40’w x 15’h
Two borders, black, 40’w x 10’h

Four dead-hung sidetabs on traveler tracks, two ea. SL & SR, black, 9’6”w x 22’6”h
Projection sheet/cyc (white) 40’w x 24’ h
Muslin bounce: 40’ w x 24’ h


Company switches: Off SR, 400 amps, 3 phase, 5 wire; HR tech gallery, 200 amps, 3 phase, 5 wire
House control board: ETC EOS
256 2.4kw dimmers, 6 6kw dimmers, one dimmer per circuit
Full-stage lighting instrumentation


House board: Soundcraft Mixer Series II
Aux. isolated power: USR 60 amps, 3 phase, 5 wire cam-lock
Clear-Com production intercom to all production positions
Audio monitor to all dressing rooms
Video monitors located in control room with tie lines to all production positions

Dressing Rooms:

Two dressing rooms, each for sixteen persons located one flight below stage level with adjoining bathrooms with showers
Wig & makeup room located one flight below stage level
Laundry room located one flight below stage level


Exterior Loading Door: 5’10”W x 7’H
Note: Special arrangements must be made if users need access to scene shop loading door (dimensions). Permission granted on a case by case basis.

Information Systems:

Wireless - U-M Wireless on-stage and in the auditorium, lobby and dressing rooms.
please refer to for information regarding access and settings

Wired - ethernet 1000 Base-T, located in box office, control booth and 30 jacks located throughout lobby, backstage, dressing rooms, etc. These circuits can be activated and made available with advance notice.

Note: All wired network circuits are protected by the School of Music, Theatre and Dance's firewall. This firewall is part of the University of Michigan's Virtual Firewall. Please verify in advance that your needed services are available by contacting the SMTD's firewall manager at 734-936-5565 or

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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower