Hill Auditorium

Beloved for its magnificent acoustics, Hill Auditorium is one of the world’s great concert halls.  Since opening in 1913, Hill has welcomed ensembles from around the world and boosted the relationship between artists and audience.  Hill seats 3,300 and is the largest performance space on campus.  


Venue Address:
825 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1276

Mailing Address:
University Productions
911 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1265

Seating Capacity:
· 3,528 maximum, including,
· Main Floor 1299 + 27W + 23C
· Mezzanine 953 + 8W + 6C
· Balcony 1214
· (W=Wheelchair, C=Companion)

Stage Specifications:
· Width of stage – 40′ to 70′

· Depth of stage at center line – 29′
· Stage lift – 9’10” x 7′
· Stage floor – maple parquet w/light cherry stain
· Stage extension – 4’6″ add’l stage depth

· House floor to stage floor – 3′-4.5″

· Limited availability, check with house technicians for information

· House board – ETC Expression
· Full concert lighting designed to accommodate needs from soloists, piano and organ recitals, to large orchestra/choral ensembles.

Road Power:
· 110/208 3 phase
· Two 400 amp. disconnects located in basement, stage left and right.
· Two 200 amp. disconnects located basement stage right, one with separate ground common to house sound system.
· All disconnects are sequential cam locks.

· In-house system adequate for pre-show announcements, lectures, and small conferences.
· Clear-Com intercom to all production positions
· Audio monitor to all dressing rooms

Smoke and Haze:
· The use of theatrical smoke and haze is prohibited without prior approval of the University’s Fire Marshall and special arrangements made to accommodate it.

Dressing Rooms:
· All dressing rooms have mirrors and dressing tables.
· One private dressing room, one dressing room for four persons, and one dressing room for 2 persons are located at stage level
· One ensemble room for 9 persons (can also be used for catering), one dressing room for 4 persons, and one warm-up room are located one flight above stage level
· One ensemble room for 9 persons is located two flights above stage level

· Two (2) Loading Doors – 8′ x 10′ one for short trucks, one angled from street for semis
· Loading Dock Elevator – 3’9″ x 7′ to basement only
· Two (2) Elevators located in main lobby; protective quilts are mandatory when moving equipment.

Information Systems:
· Wired- Ethernet 10 and 100 Base-T — Jacks are located throughout building and may be used by arrangement in advance. All wired network circuits are protected by the SMTD firewall, part of the University of Michigan’s Virtual Firewall. Please verify in advance that what you need is available by contacting Barry LaRue at 734-763-4220 or

·Wireless – U-M Wireless on-stage and in the auditorium, lobby and dressing rooms. Information regarding access and setting.

As of September 1, 2017

One (1) Day: $1,900.00
Rehearsal/Set-up: 50% of one-day rate
Lobby only: $600.00 (1st four hours) $150.00 each additional hour; includes House Manager for 1 shift (4 hours)

Events involving paid professional artists must be handled by an official University presenter. Additional costs and fees may apply.

To initiate a reservation:

Renter must provide a non-refundable $100.00 deposit per day of rental, and return a signed confirmation letter, provided by the Scheduling Office.

60 days prior to the event:

Renters must deposit the entire base rent in the University’s escrow account. [For Non UM Organizations only]

2 weeks prior to the event:

The signed contract must be returned to Scheduling Office.

Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in forfeiture of the date.


· Day of the Event: 100% of the rental fee will be charged.
· Less than 72 hours notice: for a Load-in day or lecture, a 30% cancellation fee of the day rate will be charged. For a Performance day, a 50% cancellation fee of the day rate will be charged.
· Less than 15 days notice: a $200.00 cancellation fee.
· Less than 60 days notice: a $150.00 cancellation fee.
· Earlier cancellations: A full refund of deposited funds, minus the non-refundable deposit.


-Access to the theatre from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.
-Use of Box Office and Usher room during rental period
-One House Technician for 1 shift (8 hours)
-One House Manager and lobby staff for 1 performance per day
-HVAC, Custodial, Open & Close of theatre
-$300.00 of Custodial Service towards clean up following event
-Use of dressing rooms, one with a shower
-Sound System (as outlined on the Hill website Tech Specs page)
-Lighting System (as outlined on the Hill website Tech Specs page)
-2 followspots
-100 music stands & chairs


-Overtime hours for building   $200.00 per hour
-Custodian costs beyond $300: at cost
-Additional Lobby staff for reception/perfs (as needed)
4 hr minimum shift   $24.00 per hour + 10% of total; charged in 4 hr. blocks
-2nd shift House Technician
4 hr min./8 hr max.  $24.00 per hour + 10% of total; charged in 4 hr. blocks
-Additional House Tech (as needed)
4 hr minimum shift   $24.00 per hour + 10% of total; charged in 4 hr. blocks
-Piano by arrangement w/ Bob Grijalva, SMTD, 734-764-6207
-Security  (if required by Public Safety) as per arrangements with Public Safety
-Projection screen:  at cost + 10%
-Stage Extension and/or pontoons:  at cost + 10%
-Choral and orchestra risers by arrangement w/ Paul Feeny, SMTD, 734-764-8765
-Changes to Access times less then 24 hours in advance will be subject to double-time rates for affected personnel

information pulls from somewhere else on the site (one location same for each rental venue)

Standing tall and proud in the heart of the University of Michigan campus, Hill Auditorium is the venue where the major public events of the university take place. Former U-M regent Arthur Hill bequeathed $200,000 to the university for the construction of an auditorium for lectures, concerts and other university events. Hill Auditorium could be the ideal site for a significant corporate meeting because its unique, hemispherical stage allows a speaker to have an intimate rapport with 3500 people.

Hill Auditorium’s most famous association is with the best performing artists the world has to offer. Since its opening in 1913, this impressive structure has served as a showplace for important debuts from a wide variety of the arts, and also has provided the locale for long relationships between artists and Ann Arbor audiences. With superb acoustics that highlight everything from the softest high notes to the most thunderous climaxes, Hill Auditorium is known and loved throughout the musical world.

The hall was designed by the Detroit firm of Albert Kahn and Associates, who have conceived of many notable structures, including the Rouge River plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

Hill Auditorium underwent a major renovation and closed for a period of 18 months, reopening in January of 2004. Developed by Albert Kahn Associates with Quinn Evans Architects, the renovation provided for air conditioning, elevators, expanded bathroom facilities, a Lower Level Lobby with a concessions area, and many other improvements and patron conveniences.