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Hill Auditorium Specifications at a Glance

hll 360



Venue Address:
825 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1276

Mailing Address:
University Productions
911 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1265

Seating Capacity:
· 3,528 maximum, including,
· Main Floor 1299 + 27W + 23C
· Mezzanine 953 + 8W + 6C
· Balcony 1214
· (W=Wheelchair, C=Companion)

Stage Specifications:
· Width of stage - 40' to 70'
· Depth of stage at center line - 29'
· Stage lift - 9'10" x 7'
· Stage floor - maple parquet w/light cherry stain
· Stage extension - 4'6" add'l stage depth

· House floor to stage floor - 3'-4.5"

· Limited availability, check with house technicians for information

· House board - ETC Expression
· Full concert lighting designed to accommodate needs from soloists, piano and organ recitals, to large orchestra/choral ensembles.

Road Power:
· 110/208 3 phase
· Two 400 amp. disconnects located in basement, stage left and right.
· Two 200 amp. disconnects located basement stage right, one with separate ground common to house sound system.
· All disconnects are sequential cam locks.

· In-house system adequate for pre-show announcements, lectures, and small conferences.
· Clear-Com intercom to all production positions
· Audio monitor to all dressing rooms

Smoke and Haze:
· The use of theatrical smoke and haze is prohibited without prior approval of the University's Fire Marshall and special arrangements made to accommodate it.

Dressing Rooms:
· All dressing rooms have mirrors and dressing tables.
· One private dressing room, one dressing room for four persons, and one dressing room for 2 persons are located at stage level
· One ensemble room for 9 persons (can also be used for catering), one dressing room for 4 persons, and one warm-up room are located one flight above stage level
· One ensemble room for 9 persons is located two flights above stage level

· Two (2) Loading Doors - 8' x 10' one for short trucks, one angled from street for semis
· Loading Dock Elevator - 3'9" x 7' to basement only
· Two (2) Elevators located in main lobby; protective quilts are mandatory when moving equipment.

Information Systems:
· Wired- Ethernet 10 and 100 Base-T — Jacks are located throughout building and may be used by arrangement in advance. All wired network circuits are protected by the SMTD firewall, part of the University of Michigan's Virtual Firewall. Please verify in advance that what you need is available by contacting Barry LaRue at 734-763-4220 or

·Wireless - U-M Wireless on-stage and in the auditorium, lobby and dressing rooms. Please refer to for information regarding access and setting.



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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower