Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

The School is proud of its past achievements in this area and yet recognizes fully the need to build on those successes by exploring new and creative ways of enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. We also recognize that the professional arts landscape has changed considerably in recent decades, and that in order to remain competitive among our peer institutions, we must adapt accordingly. Part of that adaptation includes a willingness to explore ways in which our curriculum can become more inclusive in nature. Therefore, in addition to implementing strategies to aid in diversifying our student body, faculty, and staff, the School of Music, Theatre & Dance also proposes strategies within the plan intended to spur critical thinking about our mission as an institution and about the means by which we can attain our broader goal of relevancy by enhancing our visibility as scholars, performers, and creative artists and ultimately our position as leaders in the field

We urge all students, faculty, and staff to read the plan, respond to it and determine what you can do to improve DEI at SMTD. Each of us has a role to play in making our community better. Ultimately, we will be judged not by what we say, but what we do.

Strategic Objectives, Measures of Success and FY 17Action Plans*

The School of Music, Theatre & Dance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan pertains to faculty, staff, graduate students, undergraduate students, and post-doctoral fellows. The strategic objectives necessary to further the university-wide goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion have been aggregated into four domains determined by the University.

Our strategic plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion includes 24 objectives with associated recommended actions for achieving them. Your voice helps ensure that this plan continues to reflect our community.

All strategic objectives are categorized under one of the domains listed below, and are accompanied by measures of success that will be tracked over time, as well as descriptions of single- and multiple-year actions that will be taken to accomplish those objectives.