Alumni Profile

Theresa Martin


Detriot Symphony Orchestra, Reading of Dissertation, City of Ambition, 2009
Commission from Barnett Family Foundation of Chicago, 2008
Commission from Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, 2008
Commissions from clarinet virtuoso, Robert Spring, 2009, 2004
ASCAPlus Awards, 2008, 2007
Fellowship Recipient Aspen Summer Masterclass, 2008
NACUSA Young Composer’s Competition, 2nd place, 2006
International Clarinet Association “Clarinetfest” Performances, 2008, 2007
SCI National Conference Performances, 2006, 2005
ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer’s Competition, Honorable Mention, 2005
American Composer’s Alliance Performance, 2004
Grant Fletcher Memorial Award in Composition, 2004

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